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  • Hallaton, Leicestershire: A Guided Walk Led by Rosalind Willatts

    On the Evening of June 29th a party of 17 met in the Stone Village of Hallaton, Leicestershire. “Hallaton” is the Hallowed or Holy Place. It was also an iron-age place of gatherings and religious ceremonies and feasts. Many iron-age coins were found in the parish which made international news. Hallaton is also home to the Roman religious site of St. Morrell’s chapel and a well which was a place of pilgrimage nearby.

  • Barnack Church Tour with Reverend David Maylor

    We were joined by the Rector, the Rev’d David Maylor for our tour of Barnack Church on the evening of May 18th which was attended by 24 members. Stephen Hart, a retired architect, author and a member of the Men of the Stones Committee, led us on a journey through five centuries of the church’s architectural history.

  • Visit to Holme Pierrepont Hall, Nottingham

    The last visit of 2012 was to Holme Pierrepont Hall in Nottingham on December 7th.