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  • Hallaton, Leicestershire: A Guided Walk Led by Rosalind Willatts

    On the Evening of June 29th a party of 17 met in the Stone Village of Hallaton, Leicestershire. “Hallaton” is the Hallowed or Holy Place. It was also an iron-age place of gatherings and religious ceremonies and feasts. Many iron-age coins were found in the parish which made international news. Hallaton is also home to the Roman religious site of St. Morrell’s chapel and a well which was a place of pilgrimage nearby.

  • A stroll through Sherbourne

    A stroll through Sherbourne

    Sherborne is hidden away in the rolling Dorset countryside. Take time to visit the Abbey Church, the ancient buildings in this charming market town, and don’t miss Sherborne castle, once the home of Sir Walter Raleigh who lost his head!

  • Working with Stone: Fairhurst Ward Abbotts

    Working with Stone: Fairhurst Ward Abbotts

    Watching a skilled stonemason at work is mesmerising, to bring a dormant lump of heavy stone to life is beyond most mortal men but specialist historic building conservation and restoration company FWA have men who can create miracles.

  • Barnack Church Tour with Reverend David Maylor

    We were joined by the Rector, the Rev’d David Maylor for our tour of Barnack Church on the evening of May 18th which was attended by 24 members. Stephen Hart, a retired architect, author and a member of the Men of the Stones Committee, led us on a journey through five centuries of the church’s architectural history.

  • The Science of Sandcast Lead: CEL

    The Science of Sandcast Lead: CEL

    Cambridgeshire-based CEL, are the countries leading manufacturer of sandcast sheet lead. How this valuable and malleable material is formed is fascinating and the basic process hasn’t changed since Roman times.

  • Restoration Project: Chatsworth Comes Clean

    Restoration Project: Chatsworth Comes Clean

    Carbon from the fires of Manchester and Chesterfield covered Derbyshire’s famous Chatsworth house in black grime. But after a year’s work specialist stone restorers and masons have cleaned all the muck away and the house now looks very much like it would have done when it was remodelled over 200 years ago.

  • Celebration in Stone: Castle Howard Built 1700

    Celebration in Stone: Castle Howard Built 1700

    Yorkshire’s Castle Howard is so large and richly decorated the human eye can’t take it all in at first glance So stop and take a moment to feast on one of the grandest private homes in the country.

  • Michael Tebbutt Wishes the Society Success

    Michael Tebbutt, a former Chairman of the Society and retiring Vice Chairman, outlines a way ahead for the Society, and wishes the new team every success in achieving their aims.

  • Bodelwyddan Castle - Deception in Stone

    Bodelwyddan Castle - Deception in Stone

    Bodelwyddan Castle in North Wales has the bearing of a castle but on closer inspection something seems to be seriously wrong with the building.

  • Conwy Castle: Built 1283

    Conwy Castle: Built 1283

    Driving towards Conwy Castle in North Wales it’s hard to imagine hundreds of workmen crawling over it like ants during the frenzied four years it took to build the mammoth towers and walls.

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